Some People I Have Known

She refused the proffered gift of a dead bee.
It may have been indeed, propinquity.

He left the sugared drink, in favor of tea.
It must have been the bioavailability.

Sometimes writers think they need to cuss.
I think: a simple case of mumsimus.

Her perfect pitch, to the choir was supplemental.
Strange, because she was so occidental.

She showed me how to make her sauerkraut.
What years of fermented dreams were all about.

They taught me all the perils of unbelief.
When I grew up to be good-oh such relief.

The offer of a friendship met deaf ears and cold reception.
To a lesser person, ‘twould result in sure defection.


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About Pam

I love playing with words. That doesn't mean I'm good at it yet, but I hope to improve with time (I've had 53 years so far). Not sure how long it takes. I also love to read poems, but what I can write, and what I like to read doesn't always equate. I love science fiction (the clean stuff), fantasy (see previous parenthetical remark) like Eragon, Lord of The Rings, etc... I also love wonderful stories by George Eliot (which I re-read almost yearly), or even the Gothic novels by Austen and Bronte sisters (which I will probably never re-read). But I could never write that kind of thing. too bad, So here is my tiny contribution to the world of anonymous "literature". Certainly my poems will never come close to Emily Dickinson. But then I leave my house now and then.

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