The Rich Man

The rich man was not damned because of wealth,
nor was Lazarus’ lack of it his choice.
That Dives gained his money and power by stealth
and did not listen to poor Lazarus’ voice.

His comfort and enjoyment was in life,
all striving for himself and for his vice.
Sadly, all that Lazarus saw was strife,
though after his short life was paradise.

The rich man was a sorry, stingy man,
and would not help the one whose life was grim.
He simply didn’t do those things he can
to help the ones more vulnerable than him.

This tale (or real life story, not sure which)
is not about us being rich or poor;
but rather what we do with what we have,
and what kind of treasure that you store.

©2017 p.johnson

Fabulously Average

I don’t get noticed, ordinarily.
Not because those with me cannot see,

But more because I’m fabulously average.
That unremarkableness is my leverage.

I do not have a following or crowd
and typically I’m just not very loud.

To be a leader isn’t what I need-
don’t really want that job, I must concede.

By definition – neither big nor little;
Average is just right there in the middle.

I’m fairly happy in my quiet place
where there’s no challenge to my poker face.

And I can think my quiet, average thoughts
and be my average self, near my flower pots.

©2017 p.johnson