Reap the Whirlwind

In Noah’s day, God’s mercy took a pause;
while judgement then took over His just cause.

Lot’s brethren, that were righteous…there were none.
including his salt-wife…the wistful one.

Nadab and Abihu were burned ‘til dead.
They had not done the way that God had said.

Jonah was dragged way down into the sea,
‘til he gave in and asked for clemency.

Sampson repented but both eyes gone, still,
and his life ended as he did God’s will.

Israel was exiled after years of warning,
for 70 years reproach, before returning.

The prophecy of Eve, fulfilled in time,
to Mary: fearful, obedient, sublime,

Those ancient lessons teach, though some conversely,
Judgment doesn’t triumph but rather- Mercy.