No Inspiration

I have no inspiration to write anything today,IMG_0133
not for rhyming or free verse or even essay.
I take notes or take pictures to find one somehow
but large thoughts just won’t happen, my mind disallows.

This verse is not something, I’m just doing this~
avoiding the cleaning, packing and gardening bliss.
My mind isn’t in it, I simply can’t think
no cohesive words can I put into ink.

So if suggestions would help I would use them for fun,
but I cannot create from another’s inspiration.
So I force this form of crabby into some lines
with minimal form and very minimal confines.

Like a round salad bowl into a rectangle cooler,IMG_0132
I just shove it in without using a ruler
to make sure it fits and be all organized
to a calculus problem, all formalized.

I need to finish this ‘cause I’m tired of my focus:
once again, here we are, with myself as the locus.
So I’ll put it all down til true inspiration comes calling;
must get back to real life and to that I’ll quit stalling.

Mixed metaphors

“I did not fall off the turnip truck yesterday”,
which may or may not mean I get it.
but “if I eat my p’s and q’s, I’ll get my way”,
doesn’t really mean one wit.

It may be that you are “green behind the ears”,
a funny way to say, you are very new at this
only to say “take a flying hike” would be
to, without working hard at it, just dismiss.

If you can “read someone like the back of your book”
or if we could “stand here and talk till the cows turn blue”
you may want to take another look
and to think deeply, your metaphors through.

“Like a wolf in cheap clothing”, it can fool you some.
but let’s try for sense to it-so our sensibilities don’t ache
so our writing does not, make others’ minds numb
It’s “as easy as falling off a piece of cake”.

When carelessness tempts you, you think to yourself,
“I wouldn’t eat that with a ten foot pole”.
Those metaphors that don’t work, put them back on the shelf.
“they stick out like a sore throat (or a black hole)”

It may mean that you end up like some of the greats,
“burning the midnight oil from both ends”.
They worked all their words till they had the right mates.
And those metaphors worked, still they checked with their friends.

So I’m “sweating like a bullet” as I try to explain
A way to use metaphor that would not be unfit
for text that is sensible, correct and quite plain.
Don’t wait “and burn that bridge when you come to it”.

There are those who “abandon ship at the first sign of a bump in the road”,
saying “you can’t change the spots on an old dog”.
But rather I say we can all crack the code-
“it’s our turn at bat so let’s make a touchdown for the log”.

We must “wake up and read the coffee on the wall”-
many do not understand what we say.
Let us be as clear as “a moth eared page” and all.
Ideas will be nicer and more helpful that way.