Alzheimers Poem

I forgot the word today
that one that I know so well
it didn’t seem like my usual forgetting
though you tried my fears to quell

The insistent uneasiness about
the stuck word and its route
yes I did remember it eventually
it was obvious and stout

So if I forget how to rhyme
and if my thoughts turn away
and if I cannot speak things sublime
and forgetfulness takes over to stay

I want you to know that my heart
deep inside never forgot for a minute
and though gone will be wordcrafting art
I still love, though my memory’s not in it

I can only say this on before
that I loved you all deeply through life
so before I pass through that dark door
I’ve so loved you through sunshine and strife

I cannot make you to understand
how I never meant for anything bad
standing now on that movable strand
I hope you will not feel too sad

But do not forget what I say
though soon a new minute’s a new dawn
that I loved you with such fervent joy
and now I say goodbye – mind is gone.

©July 2014 pam johnson