I totally need my face clean
from eating my lunch, rice and bean
it gets on my face
and in collar lace
and my fingers and all in between

You want me to wipe my face off
I listen and here’s why I scoff
I need my dear face
to stay in its place
I’d rather, my face, not to doff

So let’s make a compromise please
I do want to your wishes, appease
let me carefully clean
just the rice and the bean
and leave my face on here, at ease.

©1/28/14 P.Johnson

Because the Days

Our sons and daughters I hold up to Thee.
“Cause them to live for You”, my constant plea.

I can’t say “take his heart, it is thine own”
even when there’re chances that they’ve blown

But if it is allowed, my constant prayer:
that hearts of all my loved ones would be there;

Fixed on Jesus, author of our faith
and finisher of the same, the scripture saith.

We want His will, until it’s not our own
but for our life His body did atone.

What say I that helps them return His love
to the Savior of our hearts, from up above?

This job that has required more than my skill,
description defies attempts to distill…

…it into something easy, nor will it
a simple quatrain, definition fit.

My heart is some days broken, some days not.
no matter – it takes more than I have got.

I turn to God, in faith I cannot see
knowing that it’s only just a start.
without which, impossible, God to please.
I must not grow too weary  and lose heart.

©Jan.2014 P.Johnson