Our Potential

A Treasure in an earthen vessel once;
He paid our price but hell could hold him not.
Our debt is paid and in faith, acceptance,
Of the Only Savior that our God begot.

Our liberty from sin, and death is free,
costs all we have and are, body and soul.
His bondservant, and yet His family,
Completely broken and yet finally whole.

More or Less

It is a quandary common to
My age and gender and if you
Will hear between the lines.

My anxious thoughts go round again
Decisions should be just so plain
I weigh the options mine.

To gain will stretch the wrinkles well
To lose -with distance-may look swell
All is ancient must not whine.

excess adipose tissue will
Very cheaply wrinkles fill
A Trojan horse.

The losing of much weight
May make me feel great
Difficult of course.