These things of mine

Large King James sitting way up front
with fluffed up feathers taking notes
These pompous things distract me

A new thought thrills us
rhyming into poetry or a talk
we feel more love that day
These self-centered things detract me

Traditions that mean something to the group
that hold more firmly than a verse in scripture
though thread and ropes attempt to tie it
These dried up things despise me


Everyone is “I”

An easygoing selfishness focuses an eye
On things that please unless they don’t
Go the way or why
And when help comes to bring you out
– more isolated by
The tendency is not well known but
Everyone is “I”.

Caring for another is a blow to egoism
recognizing interests opposite of narcissism
but it takes time and energy
to care enough to cry
forgets all but “the goal” in mind
and having it come nigh
because, everyone is “I”

Is there anybody who is up to selflessness
Esteeming others much more high
Than ourselves I re-apply
Can new wine be put inside
The older wineskin sad ally
Self centeredness I do imply
that everyone is “I”

We think we care we think we love
Within our egocentric sigh
We talk about ourselves all day
Until the last goodbye
And do not give too much a thought
To hearts that think nearby
…but everyone *is* “I”…