The icons call their comfort.

The icons call their comfort out to me,
the something solid and that I can see.

I know to go there, is idolatry
and with the doctrine I do not agree.

The consolation or even relief
can not completely come from that belief

or from veneration of an amulet.
None can release me from oppressive debt.

A talisman can neither save nor aid
and in the end I will have been betrayed

by sacrificial, artificial works
or ecclesiastic, ministerial quirks.

I will not be mislead (she grits her teeth)
by lovely practices that are beneath

what words say simply in that greatest book,
I must have once again another look.

Solution is a simple one and yet
distractions cause me to forget my way.
I wish that I would run the race and get
a “well done faithful servant” on that day.

©Pam Johnson 2012

On to Me

Why do flies
with simple minds
and compound eyes
know when I

have in my hand
with murderous plan
and they disband
from my flyswatter, and

find some other
thing to bother
’till I put down
again my swatter

©Pamela Johnson 2011

I Can’t Pronounce Your Shibboleths

I can’t pronounce your Shibboleths
I have a different name
I don’t know all the protocols
But love God just the same

I live by what is in God’s Word
I try to do things right
Please don’t spy on me to check
I’m not an Ephraimite

©Pam Johnson 2012