Church prayer

Now I set me down to church
I fall asleep and then I lurch.

If I should nod before its over
slipping into sweet dream clover,

I pray Dear Lord forgive my sleep
and help me an earlier night to keep.

©Pam Johnson 2011

Prelude to Winter

Summer days are numbered
I feel it in the air
The flowers lift their vacant eyes
beneath their tired hair

The sun that rises further south
and sets just further same
is just not there as many hours
and nature can’t reclaim

Thicker fur on kitty cats
the deer begin to Know
and gardens find their way to shelves
to ward the coming snow

I might bethink it sadder still
death’s Fairchild, winter snow
just an illusion looking close
as you and I both know

The Depths of Winter

Though shortened days, encumbered
diminished energy
stored up in memories of warmth
snow’s charming synergy

A sensible reflection
upon my thinking eyes
reveals the quantity of light
is of much greater size

So this twilight’s deception
that thinks a sorry tale
the frolics in the brightness
ignore the winter gale

The skiing and the sledding
born on wings of hope
as light expands the hours
and with the coldness cope

The End of Winter

Until a crocus peeking
tells me of coming spring
beyond, the early bird’s return
and all things taking wing

With all that favored season
to which bring handsome dreams
looks through the seasons of our lives
for this- where summer gleams.

©Pamela Johnson 2012


I do not ask to be anyone at all,
just accept me mercifully so I do not fall.

Allow  me just to walk and work alongside,
and my confidences keep should I confide.

I have no power except the Lord Himself,
any striving must stay on the shelf.
Love as brethren please include myself.
~ ~ ~
Help me Lord to love them as much as I.
Allow my ears to open to their cry.

Keep me loving You with all my heart,
and help me quietly to do my part.

©Pamela Johnson 2009