Venerable August

This is the busy month of summer.  Different than the other busy months of summer.  This is the time we put up as much food for the coming winter months as we can.  Weeds are ignored, though there aren’t as many as before, and flowers are bursting the confines of the garden borders.  When there is extra to do, it means less sleep.  The sunshine seems precious now, and will even more so next month.  In a way, we are saving that too, in our jars and freezers.

In my peripheral vision, for some time now there has been a transitional quality to the sunlight, that hints at the coming death of summer.  Now it can’t be ignored.  The days are quite obviously now, shorter.  The past few days have been in the 50’s and rainy.  This isn’t all bad, since it keeps us from having to water the gardens, and brings new life into the green beans.   And if you look up and take notice, there are beauties to even the gloomy rainy days.   Young green herons do not tend to get waylaid in your back yard, right under the window, on a bright sunny day.  And white light does not have anything to refract it, in a clear blue sky.

young green heron

refracted light