The Virtual Woman

I have often thought, that one can either blog about, facebook about,or  even scrapbook about, one’s daily life – or – one can live it.     Now I’m not against blogging or scrapbooking.  They can be a creative effort, an outlet of sorts, or a reasonable record.  It is when it is more consuming than real life could possibly be (given that we each have the same number of hours each day).
The time spent on those things (especially very public things) must not take more out of your allotment of hours, than was/is needed to live them in the manner you are presenting them.  I have seen some beautiful blogs replete with photos and descriptions of all the activities of the children and your day with them, etc….  Good things.  Honorable things.  Encouraging things.
However, I know the time it takes to take and load pictures, then upload them to a blog.  I know how much time it takes to get words to ”paper” – and I’m relatively fast at those things.  It often seemed to me that there were some things posed and done simply for the public display they will proffer.  Ways to get compliments; to be told how wonderful we are.  Do we live like that?  Are our motives skewed so that we do things for how other will see us and so we can receive the praises of people?   It is not wrong to encourage others daily.  But it is wrong to solicit praise; to go after it, seek it.  We must live according to God’s Word, as stated (not as worked around to suite our taste), depart from evil and do good.   God will find ways to encourage you.
So don’t quit posting thoughts or even pictures.  Don’t stop being properly proud of your family or friends, don’t not write.   Just be sure you are giving due time to those folks.  Your family, church members, friends deserve more from us than just a publicly posted photo where the blog owner is the one who gets the praise.  We are called to be virtuous, not virtual.  Live in the now.