National Poetry Month

20140707-193719-70639374.jpg Even this avatar (of me) is somewhat poetic.  But I will not cheat and say it counts.  Well, I might as the month wears on, but for now, I will submit a poem a week.  Here.  Not here.  I was going to say a poem a day but then I looked at the calendar for this month.  Plus, I don’t usually write one and show it around (even to the non-existent masses).  I leave it.  Take it out and think, retool it until it feels right.  Is the right color.  I actually finished the April 1st one yesterday (on April 1st) but one might argue that it is a bit of April foolery since it is a Haiku.  Whatever.  Like it or not it is there for the space molecules to see.  I’m going to have a cup of coffee, throw in some more laundry and  work on another I started (not Haiku).

Meanwhile, it’s National Poetry Month, this month of April, so get busy.