The Sun is at Zenith over the Equator


Fall means a lot of things at this latitude; Lots of tomatoes- some still very green, bell peppers that have had a rough summer, apples all over the place, beets, and carrots.  The house smells like pizza sauce one day, another day apple sauce.  Flowers and tropical plants return to their sunny place in the living room.  Sunflower stalks get pulled out, non-hardy bulbs get brought out of the garden and unceremoniously dropped into an ice cream bucket because I am not as indefatigable as I used to be but they love to be layered in sand for the winter I hear.  Honey being extracted, and if we’re lucky, we break a frame and bring that one in to spread on toast, wax and all.   And the most breathtaking thing – the annual breakdown of chlorophyll in deciduous tree leaves that gives way to various hues of orange, reds, and yellow.  I think I like it best when a tree is about halfway there.  It must be there have been enough decades of this for me to not hate fall so much anymore.  It still strikes a piercing note in my heart – everything changing so fast and so much…and so much out of any control of mine.

There are equal amounts of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere, as in the Southern Hemisphere today- Equinox.  I write this on the first day of autumn…on the calendar.  It’s seemed that way for a few weeks now.  It came on suddenly.  One day we’re swimming in bright hot sunshine at Aunt Denise’s house or the lake, and then within days it quickly became darker at both ends of the day.  Maybe the extra dark is good for us.  I believe if we think on it, we pray differently.  We thank Him for different things now than in the heat of summer. Glorious summer.  We pray quiet prayers, sometimes without words, lifting our hearts up in our hands to Him.  This prepares us for the winter.