The second Great Disappointment in life

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A croquet ball is merely particle board inside.

Croquet is an old royal lawn game.  It appears in Alice in Wonderland.  I’ll bet they play it at Balmoral Castle.  It certainly should be solid wood.  Another Heavy Sigh, and I move on.

Even Washington D.C. has angles:



Local News short

Summers don’t exactly drag on here in Minnesota, and we are already trying to ignore a few subtle signs of it waning.  Day length becomes a touchy subject among some, as they stumble in the dark, denying it is 9:00 and already completely dark.  Those who quietly notice it, sort of wonder how it can go from 10:00 and you still can play Frisbee, to this in a few short weeks.  “Surely this early onset darkness is also a result of the fall”, you can hear among the trees.

The quiet battle in one local church regarding which direction to put the toilet paper onto the holder is still ongoing.  Some prefer the paper to come over the top towards the room, others prefer it roll back behind against the wall before showing up again at the bottom.  While it may not really matter from an objective standpoint, lines are drawn between preferences.  Depending on who uses the room last, it will be facing one way or the other so one never knows how it will be next.  This constant changing, on the surface, appears to be a very liberal thing since there is frequent, willful, and arbitrary change (the conservatives don’t much like change at all, or slowly at best).  Upon closer look however, it was discovered to be a few passive resisters at work.  Both sides insist on changing the paper to their way, but they do it quietly, peacefully, nonviolently.  Passifism.

Those who have noticed it on “the wrong way”, not exactly agreed with the toilet paper stand, and yet left it the way it is since it isn’t in their own home, could be considered non-resistant.

Both pacifism and non-resistance love peace, both would be even be conscientious objectors (though for very different reasons).  But pacifism seeks to change by resisting, while non-resistance won’t resist authority even when it is unjustly exercised.

Local authorities are glad this is only toilet paper.

In other news – the Norwegian Bus Driver Guild will be kicking off the new school year by turning the bus radios off and setting the mirrors correctly.  Coffee will be served.   Bring your own strainer.


Quote for the Day

Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found.  I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.  Small acts of kindness and love”  ~Gandalf

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