The REAL Issue


By late spring here in Minnesota, you can finally see what is left of the roads.  The sequence of rain, freeze, melt,  snow, melt,  freeze, repeat through the late fall and then deep freeze all winter, you get deep and extensive potholes.  The changing states of matter of all that H2O in the crevices of the pavement causes it to crack apart once it all thaws.  Shockingly so, sometimes.

I’m actually not complaining about all that.  It’s taken care of eventually by our taxation and our penance in the form of long waits on highways.  What I’m complaining about is my seeming inability to drink coffee from my travel mug without spilling coffee on myself.  So here is my tutorial-to-self:

1) Carefully put the lid on, because that would be a stupid way to get coffee on yourself

2)  Leave the mug in the holder until you get out the driveway

3)  When you get the urge to have a sip of coffee, first check for potholes.  If there are none ::chuckle:: then go ahead.  If there are, goto 4)

4)  If the potholes can be avoided safely, do so.  You can have a sip now.  If they can’t and this section is one hole after the other, you have 2 choices:

5)  If you can brace yourself you can probably drink your coffee on the rough terrain.  If you slow down a little you may get by another week without an alignment, but you might still have to do a load of laundry.   Otherwise hold off for another bit until you get to more manageable sized potholes.

I guess the conclusion of this is that to be aware, is to avoid much wasted coffee, extra laundry, and embarrassment.  Navigation and awareness.

Until next time, Pam.2013-07-04 16.22.28