See you Next Year

I believe I have one reader.  And that reader, in fact, sees me every day and night.  But anyone else that may happen upon this, I’ll see you next year.

My dad used to send us to bed on New Year’s Eve, saying that.  “See  you next year”, he’d say.  And I’m not sure I got it until I was in….maybe 6th grade.  Perhaps that’s when your abstract reasoning stage kicks in, or perhaps I was just a dumb kid.

So we have dug up our horseradish (no small feat after endless days of subzero weather I must say) and we’ll be grinding it today – works better than potpourri.  That’s a smell that lingers.   And I even found “Octopus tentacles in soy and olive oil” (?!).  I’ll be writing the “menu” on the wall as usual and we’ll have our weird feast on the Eve, once again, with anyone who happens upon this house on the lonely hill.

And we’ll probably add extra hay to the donkeys in the barn.  Puzzle (the baby) was born in the cold and has known nothing but cold.  Good baby donkey.

Though *this* baby is most deliciously chubby and huggable:

That’s the one on the left. The one on the right is very huggable too but I have to reach up to hug her now.

So enjoy this last bit of December like a month name matters! See you next year.

The Reason

I tend toward Grinch-like as The Day actually approaches.  Too much to do, too much to cook, too much to plan.  I think I’m fairly laid back – I tend to clean floors *after* company has come because I figure they’ll bring the outside, in with them.  But one likes to make things comfortable for company since we all enjoy having people come.  So comfortable comes in the form of a “clean enough” home, laid back atmosphere, and hopefully, enough food and treats.  For sure plenty of coffee.  But really a person (such as myself) can only do so much before becoming shaky.  It’s sort of sad because I know many who can make things perfect (or nearly) and still not bat an eye.  Not me.  So while I love winter, I don’t as much like the Christmas holiday you might say.  A realistic way for me to think would be that whatever gets people to go over once again that we are sinners since that Garden episode, in desperate need of a savior, who was provided roughly 2000 years ago in the form of a baby who was God in human form, yet His son, is a good thing.  Because truly, without His perfect life and death and resurrection, we have no hope for anything but hell.  So even though He probably wasn’t really born in the winter around the Saturnalian holiday, we do focus on the stories surrounding His birth, which is good.

So that is the Reason for our potential salvation (should we chose to accept that mission).  But the reason for the season (winter) is actually – Axial Tilt.

Merry Christmas, and Enjoy our hemisphere’s temporary tilt away from the sun!