Come to the Quiet

Sometimes we have to be around a lot of people, for an extended time.  “An extended time” can be defined as anywhere from an entire day – to over a week.  Well, I suppose to an introvert, it could be most any amount of time.  And while recharging may be different things to different people, I believe we all need to recharge at some time.

We need quiet.  Not the earbuds in the ear, listening to Mozart or Chopin kind of quiet even.  Just silence.  I don’t always know where to find that, myself.    I just know I have to find it.  This recharges my ability to think creatively. Without that I can’t solve problems or come up with plans.  When I go too long without it, my heart or my soul (not sure which) feels as if in pain.  This is a motivator, but I should find my quiet before I feel pain.

So whether you are energized by being alone, or by being with a lot of people, come to the quiet occasionally.  You will find your measure of peace there.