The Adventure

The spirit of adventure is a mindset.  But this one is real :-)

Yes, most of us are going to Haiti, where our Jonathan has been since September, to help on a work project.  I don’t necessarily feel up to it…but we’re going anyway.  That is how all adventures worth doing are, I think.  We’re going to do our best, work hard, try to get in a few pictures and have a wonderful visit too.

Meanwhile, have I mentioned I just became a grandma? Our oldest son and his wife had a little boy and the little fellow is absolutely beautiful.  I don’t know if I’ll be a good grandma or not, and maybe we won’t know until my grandchildren are grown, but in the spirit of making blogs light, I’ll try.

Happy Valentines Day! since I’ll be back to the great white north, on that day and I’ll probably need a nap.

Another Adventure

Before I begin with the topic for today, I would like to mention that Kim’s friend, Kendra-Lily, whom she met in Guatemala, joined us for the New Year’s Eve party (see previous post).  It was a wonderful thing to discover that she would be here to help bring in the New Year (and if I’m correct in my timing, we “girls” had green facials slathered on at the stroke of midnight).  There were a few missing from this celebration this year so it was especially wonderful to have Kendra here.  btw – she hath won the good sport award.  Not only did she let Kim practice putting in an I.V. ,on her last summer in a small missionary clinic in Guatemala, but she also tried every weird food we had on our New Years Eve table. :-)   I love good sports.

Did I have another topic for today?  It can wait. I’d like to savor this one for a bit.