Happy New Year

Christmas may be over but we will be giving our Christmas program one more time, tomorrow.  That is nice because it extends the holiday a bit plus, the church children worked so hard that they can do it another time before retiring this one.

In preparation for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration here, we go dig up the Horseradish root, grind it up and make it into “cocktail sauce” for shrimp.  A once a year occasion.  It’s kind of a ritual ;-)

In the past, we’ve had often quite a few visitors for this.  Some come deliberately, some are passing through and happen to be here that day.  Either way they are welcome.  So I hope those who need a place here will always know they can find it and get …a horseradish experience as well.   This year will be a small celebration.  With Jon gone (the social guy), there aren’t as many drop-ins.  Some family members can’t make it.  But it will be much the same anyway with the few that will be here and we’ll have a wonderful time.

Do I say all this because because I think anyone out there cares?  I don’t know if anyone does. I hope so.  At least a little bit.  But I care.  I care about my family; both those who live here and those who don’t.  I care about those who have ever stayed here, and I care that this horseradish stand keeps growing :-D.

Happy New Year.  Wherever you all are.

Cook and Manager

I just took a wonderful trip to visit my grown-up/married children in a far-away state. It was a very fun but short trip. My family here at home were glad to see me when I returned. I believe they put it this way “We are so sick of junk food”. So does this mean I am just the cook and manager? I don’t think so – they seem to like me and enjoy story-time, etc.. But just to be safe, I made bread and pulled out ingredients for meat loaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. They’ll keep me around for awhile that way. I felt very much at home visiting my children (and their people), but it is good to be home.