If I were to mention something about Windows 8 coming out tonight, germs on your smartphone (best treated with an alcohol wipe), and Something about Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, you would probably know that I simply read the news this morning.  But if you actually saw me when I was checking the news, you would realize that I was simply avoiding getting on with my day.   We see things at a certain slant always.  We don’t know the whole story, which in my case was that the “taper” was coming to tape the sheetrock, Mark was on a call so I knew I would have to show him the rooms to be taped, and I should have been exercising and reading my bible.   On the other hand, nobody but me will read this “writing” of mine today, or possibly not ever.  In which case it will be dreadfully outdated and rendered meaningless by time…..

This is what I don’t want to happen to me or anyone – that we are rendered meaningless by time.  I am getting old, to be sure, but that doesn’t have to be a terrible thing.  If I keep doing what I know to be right and good and helpful, both for my health and wellness sake, and for other’s sake, I can continue to have a meaningful life.  There is a lot to look forward to, both now and later, not to mention after my life.  This is not always easy, mainly because we are humans descended from Adam and we fail.  So while it may appear that I am meandering aimlessly here about myself, I want really to encourage anyone who happens upon this, young or old, who has times they feel pointless or useless.  Life can get better from that dark place.  Do the next right thing and be patient with yourself, just as you would probably be patient with this old lady. :-)


Road trip


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Fall colors, perfect clouds, peaceful looking scenes beautiful music; The road trip was a success.  We 4 girls (the mom unit and 3 of the daughter units) sang, read and slept (not the designated driver of course) our way through … Continue reading