Missing Jon

4:00 am

early airport escalator visit

I suppose missing one’s son (or daughter if the case) is natural when they’ve been with you for 22 years through all the ups and downs of life, so I’m not saying

we're tired.

Bye Jonathan!

anything earthshaking.  And it is right to want Jonathan to find his own place in life. I will say though, that this guy is just a fun guy to have around.  His basic personality has carried through his life I guess :-) .  Right, so he is in Haiti now.  Just north of Port-au-Prince (sp?), to manage the C.A.M. warehouse.  He likes his house guy people and his room and the weather and the mountains and the ocean.  May you continue to see the best in all you come across Jonathan.

I’m back.


Yes I know we’ve been here before :-) .  This reverse chronological order web log type of site (except for this post which is stuck at the top).  But some years later now I think perhaps I can try this again.  I will not use the dreaded term “soul-searching”, but let’s just say I hope to discuss things without malice, pride, arrogance or egotism.  Is this even possible?  Allow me to try, but be understanding when the posts are few and far between since these parameters are….difficult.


post script 11/5/15 : I’m retiring this notice to its place at the bottom, which indicates it was first :-)