National Poetry Month

20140707-193719-70639374.jpg Even this avatar (of me) is somewhat poetic.  But I will not cheat and say it counts.  Well, I might as the month wears on, but for now, I will submit a poem a week.  Here.  Not here.  I was going to say a poem a day but then I looked at the calendar for this month.  Plus, I don’t usually write one and show it around (even to the non-existent masses).  I leave it.  Take it out and think, retool it until it feels right.  Is the right color.  I actually finished the April 1st one yesterday (on April 1st) but one might argue that it is a bit of April foolery since it is a Haiku.  Whatever.  Like it or not it is there for the space molecules to see.  I’m going to have a cup of coffee, throw in some more laundry and  work on another I started (not Haiku).

Meanwhile, it’s National Poetry Month, this month of April, so get busy.

Poetry (don’t let the title put you off)

I just read an incredible poem in the Midwest Focus.  It is rare for me to see new poetry that is that good.  I like my own poems simply because they’re mine :-) .  But they haven’t got the depth of raw word power this one has.  It was by David Jantzi.  I don’t know this person but he is one of the true poets.
Why am I mentioning this?  Partly because I meant to send a letter to the editor about it (and haven’t yet) and partly because I have been commissioned to write a poem.  I don’t think I’ve had that happen before, except for the birthday scavenger hunts that require poems to find the gifts.  Perhaps this isn’t much more but it seemed like more.  My youngest son (age 10) has commissioned me to write a Thanksgiving poem.  This is big.  The pressure is on.