Lunar Perigee

(pronounced with a hard “g” as in juice)

We have just changed the time again.  I love getting the extra hour back, and bright mornings again, but evenings now feel like we have slipped into a pocket of darkness for the winter.  Sort of an emotional hibernation.   So we look up. 

The Moon revolves around the Earth in an elliptical orbit.  This means it is sometimes closer to the Earth than other times.  The point of the orbit closest to the Earth is called the Perigee. Conversely, the point of the orbit furthest from the Earth is called the Apogee.  The moon will be at Perigee on November 14.   This would be a very ordinary event, since it happens about each month, but it is notable that this particular time, it will be closer than it has since 1948, and won’t be again until 2034. 

Lunar phases do not sync with its approach to Perigee or Apogee.  When a full moon occurs close to the moon’s perigee, it is known as a Supermoon.  This particular one will become full within about two hours of perigee making it sort of an extra supermoon.  Moon rise will be the best time to go out (or look out) to see this night’s moon since near the horizon, illusion mixes with reality to make a low hanging moon that appears unnaturally large.

These regular rotations and revolutions give order and balance to our universe.  This is so necessary on so many levels, the least we can do is watch, pray, appreciate.  We sometimes struggle for order and balance to our lives and our thinking; so to look to our Creator to help us maintain that order and balance is wise.  We look up in gratefulness, for what He has done, not so we can imitate the balance and order on our own strength, but to ask Him to accomplish that in our hearts and lives.

Tides are mostly generated by the moon’s gravitational pull, so at the perigee, the moon pulls harder, producing a Spring Tide.  Don’t get too excited though, it doesn’t mean we get spring, nor does it (necessarily) happen in spring.  The word”spring” in this case is merely a synonym to “jump”, or “leap”.   So until the “season of spring” returns and we are released from the pocket of darkness, we will look for other fascinating occurances in our universe.

So now the mystery has been snatched away :-) , enjoy the upcoming supermoon.  Meanwhile, I have just entered perigee to the coffee pot. I think I can reach it now.

Quite Sincerely, Pam.

Quite Sincerely, Pam.

Venerable August

This is the busy month of summer.  Different than the other busy months of summer.  This is the time we put up as much food for the coming winter months as we can.  Weeds are ignored, though there aren’t as many as before, and flowers are bursting the confines of the garden borders.  When there is extra to do, it means less sleep.  The sunshine seems precious now, and will even more so next month.  In a way, we are saving that too, in our jars and freezers.

In my peripheral vision, for some time now there has been a transitional quality to the sunlight, that hints at the coming death of summer.  Now it can’t be ignored.  The days are quite obviously now, shorter.  The past few days have been in the 50’s and rainy.  This isn’t all bad, since it keeps us from having to water the gardens, and brings new life into the green beans.   And if you look up and take notice, there are beauties to even the gloomy rainy days.   Young green herons do not tend to get waylaid in your back yard, right under the window, on a bright sunny day.  And white light does not have anything to refract it, in a clear blue sky.

young green heron

refracted light

The Astronomical phenomenon

Soltice Nothing cultural about this for me, except, of course, that I have been turning on more lights for awhile and will continue to do so awhile longer.  The actual solstice happens in a moment of time, so people have called this day things like: midwinter, shortest day, first day of winter, start of winter, etc…  So, Happy MidWinter (I hope it isn’t too bleak).

I acknowledge it because it is an event in our amazing Solar System worth noting.  From now until June21, the daytime will grow a little bit longer each day, while the night will lessen a little bit each night.  There is something deeply symbolic about this, for me.

Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Very Sincerely, ~ Pam.

Very Sincerely, ~ Pam.

Solar eclipse

Today was a partial eclipse. No doubt anyone knows this about today. Here are a few pictures.



The first one looks round enough, until you notice the tiny moon shaped reflection that looks like it’s on the ground. That is the real shape at the time of this photo. The second photo was done by the usual solar eclipse observation way – pin holes reflecting onto paper.

Perhaps I’ll have more thoughts another day.

Pam Iphone 9-20-14 1599.JPG
This is what my children do for me when I have a “quiet” day. It’s a cozy existence.