Learn from any Teacher

Not all of us have had “Ezra the teacher” for an instructor.  We get all kinds, all through our lives.  Balaam had a donkey for a teacher.  We sometimes have very good teachers, and at times we may have a dear soul who stumbles through, meaning very well.  The most difficult thing to learn from may be someone who has misunderstood you and means to straighten you out.  This too we must listen to – for that kernel of truth that may well be in there, in order to learn.  We resist this, because we think it makes us guilty when we know we aren’t on this issue.  Whether we are or not is going to be left to God sometimes, because others truly may misunderstand us on the one hand. But on the other hand, as Jeremiah (the book in the bible, not my son) says, the heart is deceitfully wicked above all else, who can know it.  This means all of us.  There is no one who can say unequivocally, that they are not guilty, really.   So, what we can do when we feel misunderstood, or unliked perhaps, due to your side generally being considered wrong (when you “know” better) is we can “learn from any teacher”.  Listen for the nugget of possible truth that you can build on and become better with.  The admonisher may not even mean it for good.  But how many times have we seen someone meaning things for evil or selfish reasons and God meaning it for good?  This is the overcomers way of life.  This is how we live victoriously.

Autumn is upon us.  We now have nine minutes less than 12 hours of daylight (where we live) and the dark is advancing about 3 minutes a day.  Coping mechanisms vary.  Today, I make a light whipped, Rosemary beeswax lotion.  The smell of rosemary has been a favorite of mine for over 35 years.  I’ve used it for different things throughout those years and today it is to ward the coming Fall.  You will find each your own solutions I’m sure, but if you find yourself in too deep, come see me and I’ll make you some of my Rosemary beeswax lotion.  It’s even nicer than it sounds.

Until then,

Quite Sincerely, Pam.

Quite Sincerely, Pam.

For His Mercy Endures Forever

According to Psalm 136, we can be thankful to God for all kinds of different things, big and seemingly small; for His mercy endures forever. That’s what I’m thankful for – that His mercy endures forever.
“And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them” (Mark 6:34)

Local News. One more time.

This Southern MN hack “reporter” is trying to stop looking at the world this way, if only because she may end up in a small amount of trouble if she doesn’t.  But one must scratch an itch, so here is another installment of the “Local News”. 20131115-222206.jpg

This is one of 2 ethanol plants along a certain highway stretch.  Ordinarily I Capitalize People’s names even if they can’t do 5th grade math, but I make exceptions for entire industries.  That beautiful steam cloud coming out is truly steam so I’m not complaining.  It is useful for telling wind direction and political correctness.

The small a capella singing group (very) nearby is suffering from a chronic case of- no tenor or bass.  They are a lively bunch, sometimes alternating hymns, with drinking songs from the Renaissance era.  This insures that no matter where they sing, they meet disapproval.

Winter Squash Harvest is on.  Energetic Squash Farmers are racing the clock to get their squashes baked and put in freezer bags.  This is not an exacting procedure, but it does take time.  Once it is all done we’ll finish the growing season off with a large squash casserole and a stuffed turkey, possibly mashed potatoes (although Mrs. Ingvetch has a conviction against serving partially digested food to her family. “It makes them lazy” she says).

Mrs. Johnson has forgotten a couple of rotations of her bi-monthly plant turning, which has resulted in some very off-centered looking plants.  The foliage has so far not taken a break in their photosynthesis but they are beginning to bicker over ledge space.  A neighbor has called the anonymous hot-line to report poor posture and a general demoralization going on among the greenery.  Mrs. Johnson claimed it must be one of the other 10,000 Mrs. Johnsons in MN.

We’re gearing up for snow down here in the Southern part of one of the northernmost states in the country.  Buck hill ski area opened four days ago and those folks already need their skis sharpened again as the base is still only 6-12 inches.  But the advert is great, being on the major North/South Highway as it is.  Little Lowell Krebsbach, the local “season” prodigy, saw a flake and declared it will be a long winter.  Experts weren’t sure whether he meant an actual snowflake or otherwise, but we’re all pretty certain about his forecast.

And that’s the news. Good night.

…for now...


Points 4, 5, and 12

Dave Barry has a list of 19 things it took him 50 years to learn. I daresay I have quite a few more that took me about 50 years to learn, but I’m certain I’m not as bright as Dave Barry. On that list, points 4,5, and 12 stick out:

4. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

5. And when God, who created the entire universe with all of its glories, decides to deliver a message to humanity, He WILL NOT use, as His messenger, a person on cable TV with a bad hairstyle.

12. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip.

My intention (for this site) is to never hold anyone hostage with my thoughts.  In the interest of that, I do not list all 50.  I’m sure if anyone has what it takes to find this site in the first place, they also would be able to look that information up.